Solicitation Holder List - 2601-02555
Solicitation Name: RFP for Cellular Data, Telephone, GPS Tracking Services and Related Hardware Buyer: Cheryl D. Morgan
Solicitation #: 2601-02555 Opening Date 06/20/2019 04:00:00 PM
Date Acknowleged Contact Name, Company Name, Address, Phone & Fax File Sent File Downloaded
Contact Person: Chris  Ndukwe  | Leepopo Corporation,Inc
7111 Autumn Park
San Antonio,  TX,  78249
Phone: (210)714-0946 Fax: (210)592-8391
Email address: ChrisN@Leepopo.com
RFP Cellular Data Telephone GPS Tracking and Hardware~1.pdf(06/03/2019)
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